Welcome to 2017 CEEPO

Welcome to 2017 CEEPO

It’s been a great year for CEEPO and we are excited to introduce the 2017 models.

Headlining the lineup you will notice the Viper R and UCI legal Stinger series. Both present exciting opportunities. The Viper R is the next generation of total integration in a triathlon bike and was tested extensively in the A2 Wind tunnel to legitimately dial in each and every component. The Viper R now blends a newly designed stem with a fully integrated hydration system and bento box, providing functional and definitively aero advantages.

The standard Viper draws upon the success of the 2016 model with a fresh new color scheme. Frameset comes with integrated stem and bento box; tool box is available for purchase but not standard.

What started as a triathlon-focused brand, CEEPO is now branching out and taking its aerodynamic knowledge to the road market. They have been working hard for several years to create a UCI legal road bike and the new Stinger R and Stinger fully meet UCI requirements. The Stinger R takes advantage of disc brakes while the standard Stinger uses traditional caliper brakes. Keep your eyes out for the Stingers to be seen ridden by a pro cycling team in 2017.

Also available for 2017 are the Katana, Venom, and Mamba. All are legacy designs from 2016 with fresh new looks. The Katana now comes standard with a bento box.

Most importantly, CEEPO continues to grow and we are proud to be part of the team.

~ Steve